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NZ AUTOMATION Sdn Bhd-Your One-Stop Automation System Machinery-Equipment Provider

NZ Automation Sdn Bhd is actively involved in the development, design, system construction, jig and fixture, conveyor, upgrading modification, trouble shoot, fabrication stainless steel and mild steel, supply high precision tool, die parts and maintenance support for automation industries.

We have rich experience in standard, custom-made for all kinds of Industrial as specialist in automation industries. NZ Automation Sdn Bhd is well known as solutions provider for even some complicated application. In performance, reliability, and return on investment – we are an organization dedicated to build system in-line with your value. Acting as a solutions provider, all your system are being built with services & support.

Hence, NZ Automation Sdn Bhd invite you to profit from our rich, reliable experience, the specialized manufacturer and supplier of precision parts and automation.

NEW Facilities + Equipments
We have invest new facilities and equipments which have undergone
this physical expansion in order to serve our customer better service & needs!

Used Machines / Equipments
Custom-made machines
Spare Parts / Components
Consulting & Technical Support
Modified, Upgrading, Servicing Automation System / Machines
Re-conditioning Machines
Vacuum Recycle System (Chemical, Solvent, Hydrocarbon)
High Precision Tools & Dies
Machinering Parts
Fabrication Stainless Steel / Mild Steel
Fabrication Special Jig & Fixtures
Others Spare Parts / Components

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